When it comes to your child having dental treatment, there are ways to empower both yourself and your child so as to ensure a successful visit. The way you prepare your child for his/her filling appointment will greatly affect the outcome. Your child reads both your verbal and non-verbal language surrounding the event, and it’s important that you are self-aware regarding possible anxiety/worry/concern that you are conveying. Here at Lolo Pediatric Dentistry, our mission is to leave families feeling comforted and supported in their dental experience.

Here are some helpful tips:

You may choose whether or not you accompany your child to his/her filling appointment. Although we do sense that some children do better without parents present, we are open to having you with your child. If you choose to be present, we suggest the following guidelines to improve chances of a positive and successful outcome:

  1. Allow us to prepare your child
    • Avoid referring to specifics of your child’s procedure, and please do not use of words like “needle” or “shot”
    • We will use child-friendly terminology to explain everything the day they come in
  2. Be supportive of the practice’s terminology
    • Echo phrases that were used at your child’s consultation to create closed-circuit communication
  3. Consider “dropping your child off” for their dental appointment as you would for school if they are school-aged
  4. Encourage your child to bring comfort items like a stuffy or a blanket. Have them dress in comfy clothes like PJs. Bring a fidget toy.
  5. If you choose to be present in the operatory during your child’s treatment, please be a silent observer– support and comfort your child with touches
    • This allows us to maintain communication with your child
    • Children will typically listen to their parents instead of us and may not hear our guidance
    • You might give incorrect or misleading information
  6. We are a “team” and will continue to support your child at all times

These are just a few ways that you can actively help in the success of your child’s visit. We are confident that all will go well and hope these guidelines will help prepare you with confidence for the upcoming appointment and ease any nerves you or your child may be feeling. We want these appointments to be as easy on your child as possible and for them to have a positive experience. Everyone here at Lolo Pediatric Dentistry understands that some anxiety surrounding dental treatment is normal and to be expected! We strive to have a compassionate approach to help ease any concerns you and your children are experiencing.