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Lolo Pediatric Dentistry | Oral care by age group

caring for little teeth.

Each stage of your child’s teeth deserves unique care. In reality, caring for your child’s teeth usually starts the moment that you conceive! There are different ways to ensure that your child’s oral care remains in tip-top shape during their growth. We’ve created a useful guide that will allow your child to thrive when it comes to their oral care. Discover our guide below to learn more. Use the following as a guide to set your child up for dental success.

expecting moms

Healthy teeth for your little one start as soon as you conceive. We know that the bacteria that causes cavities and gum disease can be passed to a newborn while kissing, or cooling/tasting food. Make sure you have any required dental treatment addressed either before conceiving, or during your second or third trimester.

ages 0-3

Most babies are born without teeth, but it is important to wipe their gums with a soft washcloth so they are comfortable having parents’ fingers in their mouths when they do get teeth. As soon as the first teeth erupt, gently brush them with a small toothbrush containing a smear of fluoride toothpaste. Most children will have all twenty baby teeth by their third birthday.

ages 4-5

These curious little ones should be used to getting their teeth brushed by a caregiver twice a day. You may now increase the amount of fluoride toothpaste to a “pea sized” amount, as they should know how to spit at this age. If your child’s teeth are touching, use a floss stick to remove any food or plaque from in between. If your child still has a thumb-sucking or soother habit, this would be a good time to help them wean, as it may cause the shape of the jaw to change.

ages 6-10

Allow these independent kiddos to begin to brush on their own, but with supervision. They will have also received a visit from the tooth fairy during this stage, and will be getting their permanent molars in the back. Make sure they brush these and have them assessed for preventative fissure sealants by their pediatric dentist.

ages 11 and up

Kids are making their own decisions about brushing and diet at this age. When your child comes in for his/her cleaning and exam we will counsel them on what kind of choices they should be making in order to keep their teeth cavity free and their gums healthy. Many children will have orthodontics at this age, making it even more important maintain a healthy diet, brush twice a day, and see their pediatric dentist for cleanings/exam every 6 months.

special needs

Children with special needs are always welcome at Lolo Pediatric Dentistry. Pediatric dentists receive an extra three years of training at Children’s Hospitals in order to facilitate the dental visit. Oftentimes, desensitization to the dental environment is required in order to make them comfortable. This involves several short visits closely spaced together.

sports dentistry

Children in BC are lucky to live here because they can get outdoors and be active year-round! Whether your child is involved in hockey, lacrosse, baseball, skiing/snowboarding, or mountain biking, we need to take extra precaution to protect their teeth and developing brains by using mouthguards and helmets. Your pediatric dentist can help your child get fitted for a custom sportsguard and identify teeth alignment that are more prone to trauma.

oral hygiene

Make brushing fun for your kiddos! Sing brushing songs, tell stories about getting rid of the sugar bugs…use your imagination! We recommend brushing twice a day: in the morning after breakfast, and at night before bed. If the teeth are touching, use either a floss stick or string floss.


We are what we eat! Keep processed sugars low, and whole foods high. Rather than drinking apple juice, hand your child an apple. Offer your children water and white milk throughout the day and reserve juice or chocolate milk for special occasions. Nuts, cheese and low-sugar yogurts are examples of foods that are good for children’s teeth. Get creative!

fun facts with noah the narwhal

did you know that you can bring your old toothbrushes in to our office to be recycled?

We want your old toothbrushes! At your next visit, we’ll be happy to show you our toothbrush recycling box so that you can dispose your toothbrushes in a sustainable and responsible manner. 

Aside from at-home care, it is essential that your child also receives routine check-ups from a dental professional.

We are more than delighted to support you and your child in maintaining healthy oral habits with our professional pediatric dentistry services. For more information or to book an appointment with us, please contact us by phone at 604-770-0890 or simply fill out our online form.

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