Learning how to care for your little one’s teeth changes as they grow is important!. We created a quick brushing tutorial on how to keep their smiles, pearly white over the years. 

Our very own Dr. Zina demonstrates how she personally keeps on top of her kiddos’ brushing routines (yes, even baby S has her own routine!). Watch the video to learn more:


While brushing daily is important for your child’s oral health, there are a few things to remember, which we mention in the brushing tutorial. Make sure to keep these tips in mind. 

Fluoride is Safe 

It’s completely safe to use fluoride toothpaste on kids (right after their first tooth erupts). Because British Columbia does not carry out public water fluoridation, it’s a good idea to get your kiddos used to the texture of fluoride toothpaste. (BONUS: We wrote a quick blog post on fluoride toothpaste use, make sure to check it out!)

Aim for the Gums!

It’s assumed that brushing the teeth in general is good for oral health. But make sure to keep your aim at the gums. This is where a majority of plaque build-up occurs. A little gentle brushing will do the trick. 

Floss Gently and Focus on the Molars

Flossing daily is important – it develops healthy habits and is a great way to keep those nasty cavities at bay. When flossing, it’s important to focus on hard-to-reach places like the molars, where food commonly get stuck. 

Yes, Baby’s need Oral Care Too

Gummy smiles need TLC too! Keeping your baby’s gums nice and clean is the best way to set their oral habits up for success in the future. It will also help them ease into brushing more comfortably, as they get used to the feeling of having you care for their teeth. 

Of course, another great way to maintain healthy oral habits is through routine check-ups with your family or pediatric dentist! Not only will it ensure that your kiddos’ teeth are in tip-top shape, but it also establishes preventative care for the future. 

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