“When should my little one come in for their first dental visit?”

This is a question that a lot of parents ask when they talk to their dentist. While it may come at a surprise, both the Canadian and American Academies of Pediatric Dentistry recommend parents to “Get it Done in Year One”! There’s nothing better than setting your child up for success than ensuring that their first dental visit occurs during their first year. There are a lot of benefits when your child’s first dental visit occurs in their first year.

Here are just some different advantages that you can experience:

  1. Their first dental visit establishes a recognizable atmosphere. By doing this early on in their first year, it allows your child to grow comfortable with their new surroundings.
  2. Working with an experienced pediatric dentist means receiving valuable tips about hygiene and nutrition, which ultimately sets your child up for a life of good oral health. Plus, there’s nothing better than making sure that healthy habits are practised both in and outside of the dental office.
  3. A complete examination from a pediatric dentist, ensures normal growth and development of your child’s teeth. Preventative measures are also taken through the thorough check-up of cavities or gum problems.
  4. There are many methods to brushing teeth, but it’s a bonus to have proper brushing techniques demonstrated by an oral health professional specialized in children!

Our Team at Lolo Pediatric Dentistry understand the importance of thorough dental care. Their compassionate approach to pediatric dentistry means that your little one will be at ease when it comes to their first dental visit. After all, nobody likes dental appointment jitters.

We happily welcome new patients to our clinic and would love to see you and your little one for their first dental visit! Get in touch with us through email at or visit our page to fill out a contact form.